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Past Events


how your money mindset affects your business

Breakfast with Thelma Patmorre

How to change the way you think about, earn and make the most of your money.

calming down so you don't burnout

Breakfast with Brandon Mehrgut

How mindfulness can reduce stress, sharpen your focus and ultimately make you a better entrepreneur

speed connector night

BOSS LADY takes the awkwardness out of networking by hosting a facilitated networking event

good partnerships gone bad

Breakfast with Rachel Daydou & Regina Zhang

Do you know how to protect yourself from a bad break-up?

5 steps you can take to be more green at home or work

Breakfast with Alizee Buysschaert

Learn tips & tricks from Zero Waste Shanghai's cofounder.

how offline marketing can help your online brand

Breakfast with Elly Wang

Do we really need offline marketing in this day of online digital media?

what happens when you fail?

Breakfast with Genevieve Flaven

We often only hear about the positive, desirable, side of being an entrepreneur. But what happens when you fail? 

eating for productivity

Brunch with Elizabeth Schieffelin

Boost your productivity through the foods you eat and how you eat them.

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