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Carving your path requires exploration, energy, planning, and action. It’s something you do, as opposed to passively waiting for things to happen. 


To carve your path is to tune into what you really want, and to tune out external noise that takes you away from that. 

When you carve your path, you’re working towards discovering a career that makes you happy. And there is nothing more inspiring than seeing someone doing something they love. 

I'll help you get unstuck, discover the work you love to do, and be intentional about the actions you take to get there through 1:1 coaching.

Take Action

Ignite your potential.

I believe change starts from the inside out. Someone could hand you the whole blueprint to follow in terms of doing work you love, but if your mindset isn't working for you, you won't follow the blueprint anyway. That's why so many of us continue to work in jobs we don't really like, go in circles about which career path to follow, or never take steps to start that career or business we've been thinking about.


Before starting my coaching practice, I spent a decade in the corporate world. While I learned a lot about people, leadership, and career development, I wasn't fulfilled by my work. I wanted to do something more meaningful. For me, that meant making a positive impact on people's lives. But I kept myself stuck in a job I didn't love. I put too much pressure on myself to find my passion and to make sure the next move I made was right which led to lots of thinking and no action.

It took me a long time to shift my own thinking patterns from ones that kept me stuck to ones that allowed me to explore, see the possibilities, and then take action.  

Being in a job you don't like, not knowing what career you want to be doing, or knowing what you want but being too afraid to take the necessary steps to get there can be stressful and a little soul-destroying. It can impact your overall mental wellness and your relationships. 

If you're at work and dreaming of escape - perhaps you're not passionate about the job you're doing, the corporate grind doesn't fit with your life circumstances anymore, your boss is horrible, you want to start your own business, or maybe life has taken you down an adventurous path of parenthood, relocation, or redundancy - we'll work together to clear the mental clutter so you can make the decisions you need to start moving towards a career you love. 

Rachel guided me to higher levels of performance and progress. She kept me in the "driver's seat" while encouraging and challenging both my mind-sets and action plans. I came out a better leader as a result of Rachel's coaching.

Ken Keener, former CHRO



My Background:

I have a Master of Professional Psychology, training through an ICF recognized coach training program, and I have learned a lot over the years, through my own personal & professional experience, about the challenges people face when wanting to change careers, start a business, or feel directionless when it comes to their career. 

I look forward to working with you so you can take action towards doing work you actually love. After all, it's your life and you get to carve your own path!

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