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Anne Clotilde Obeniche

Founder of Merci Gaea

Tell us about your business Merci Gaea and where the name came from

When I was looking for a name, I wanted something that truly embodied my mission.

Merci: means thank you in French - because I am French ;)

Gaea: is a Greek goddess representing Mother Earth.

This name is a portrait of my company's message and is a way to wish luck to my company.

You have mentioned that your father influenced your passion for creativity. How has this guided you throughout your life?

I recently began to realize how much my father inspired me. The creative world I'm building is largely inspired by him because I grew up being around that: his passion for detail, his quest for perfection, his inspiration from 17th-century Danish paintings, his passion for music, beauty...

I have developed my own personality but I think that like any artist, our past has always inspired what we create and who we are.

What advice would you give to people who want to create their own path rather than follow the path well traveled?

You have to be courageous, patient, independent and have a big pair of .... ( aha ).

Do not be afraid of being rejected and perhaps losing people, facing challenges and dealing with difficulties on your own.

Having a deep sense of clarity is essential, to know what you really want. I often say this: "On the day you die, how do you want to feel about your life?

How can people find their unique brand voice?

Just be authentic, don't try to create something that isn't you. A brand is like a person, it has a voice, a personality. Since we are all different, every brand owner should create their brand voice.

The way you interact with your audience says a lot about how you want them to see you. It's crucial to create something that helps you stand out, connect emotionally with people and build trust.

How important is storytelling for someone's brand?

Consumers today are bored with brands that only sell products. We're in a world that's getting a little lost and we deeply need to rally around important values. Human values that unite people from different countries behind a higher purpose.

So many things come and go, but human values are timeless and can create a deep bond with people.

Storytelling is there to share your values, what you want to stand for and it is a way to connect with people emotionally.

What learnings have you been able to glean from the situation with coronavirus in terms of your business?

I thought a lot about how I could improve myself, my services, it was very stressful. I thought I had to adapt to this situation too, but now I think the best option is to stay true to who I am.

I believe in my company values, that will attract more customers in the coming months.

I think the virus has a great impact on the human aspect of everyone, people review their life priorities, their needs, later on they will want to build more sustainable things that have strong value. People need to be surrounded by hope, humanity and good vibes. If you create and share that, you organically attract the ideal customers.

How do you define success? What does it look like to you?

Today, when I think about success, I see this: being able to do the work I love, helping people with my message and being paid well for it. That's something very important to me and I think the day I started my business, I set myself on the road to success.

If you would like to find out more about Merci Gaea you can find them at:






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