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Spotlight: Fadzi

Updated: May 13, 2021

Intuitive, Integrative Health Coach

What inspired you to work as a holistic health coach?

Among many other things, it was a desire to do things that made me joyful. It wasn’t a clear path figuring that out but I knew I loved people and wanted to do something that connected me to them. I enjoyed sharing information with others on how they can improve their lives. I would light up when self-development topics were discussed so I knew there was something in that mix. I have natural healing gifts so I started to do energy healing work, which led to exploring nutrition and its effects on the body & mind, so I became a certified Health Coach. I took that along with my healing gifts to create something where I inspire others into their wellbeing. This is one angle and others are still unfolding. I am inspired by a desire to create life on my own terms. Even as a little girl, I believed that we each have a unique gift to share with the world. Mine is to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest, to become their greatest potential.

What keeps you motivated to work on your business?

I am at my happiest when I can help others see how great they themselves are and that they have what it takes to be whoever they choose to be. I am all about love and how love raises the consciousness of humanity and I have this dream that if we as a planet have more businesses that are dedicated to loving and uplifting the human race, in different capacities of course, but all stemming from this desire to move humanity forward, I believe we would do the impossible. This dream, believe it or not, really inspires me to keep doing the best I can in my business, because I see my business as a direct extension of myself and hence a force that can impact several lives, no matter how few, into their best potential and I think that creates a ripple effect.

What has been your biggest learning curve?

I wouldn’t say it’s just one thing - I could write a book haha! I’ve had to learn so much and believe I still have plenty more to learn. To answer your question, I’ll pick a few and do my best to be brief on each of them. One of the biggest lessons for me has been, “I can’t be everything for everyone nor do I want to be everything for everyone”. I didn’t have a target market at first, believe it or not, I just thought well it’s health, healing & wellness - everyone needs that. I wanted to help the students, help mothers, help people stuck in offices all day, help business leaders, help whoever; I wanted to collaborate with as many people as is possible and often forgot to check if their vision and mine were aligned. And it’s exhausting, you run around like a headless chicken, your messaging is all over the place, your pricing is all over the place, your collaborations make no sense to your potential customers. It’s messy business.

The lesson was Fadzi dear... pick a lane. Another valuable lesson was don’t play the convincing game, play the aligning game. What do I mean? It’s easy to get stuck in a mindset that you have to convince people of the importance of your products or services. I thought I had to do that, convince people who didn’t get it to see my point of view. I thought I had to bring people into my camp. It’s like that whole thing some women do, get together with a guy & try to change him instead of just going with the one who already has the qualities they are looking for. It’s an uphill battle and you are often misunderstood because they are not there where you are. Aligning with those who are already interested in what you are doing is where it’s at because they show up with interest and are ready to consume what you provide. You can go so much further with this type of person than one who needs convincing because this type of person already knows and appreciates the value you offer and above everything else, they want it.

What’s the most valuable advice you have received?

There is plenty of valuable advice I receive from different sources, one that stands out right now is: “The means don’t justify the ends, the means are the ends if there is no joy in the process, there is no joy in the outcome and so my dear Fadzi, it is not a race, nor is it a marathon, it is the unfolding of your life’s purpose and that’s a lifetime thing. People want to get to the result to be happy, forgetting that we spend most of our lives on the journey to something, be happy in the journey, that’s where life is lived.”

If you would like to contact Fadzi you can find her at:


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