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Beyond money & wealth

With Bibiana Rueda-Bueno


We're excited to announce our new MONEY JAM series where we will explore different topics related to money, wealth and abundance.  To kick-off we'll explore any mental  blocks or self sabotaging thoughts you have surrounding abundance. 

The most successful entrepreneurs have an abundance mindset. Allowing them to see endless possibilities that will help to grow their business. Abundance is a state of mind. Therefore if we are in tune with abundance our whole life can flow more easily and we begin to thrive rather than struggle. Abundance goes beyond just money or wealth; it is a daily and constant flux of unlimited possibilities. 


Unfortunately most of us are stuck in a scarcity mindset where resources are few and business is a struggle. 


In this talk Bibiana will help you get familiar with some typical limiting beliefs around abundance. She'll give you tools to make some healthier mental shifts and introduce NLP to anchor your new positive beliefs.



About Bibiana Rueda-Bueno:

Bibiana is a trained Psychologist and a certified practitioner in Bioneuroemotion and Psychogenealogy (family tree). She has been working with clients one-on-one and couples for the past 9 years in Shanghai. She currently works at Body & Soul medical clinic.

Through her personal journey and experience with her clients, she created a specific therapeutic approach based on the recognition, detachment and transformation of the limiting beliefs inherited from the family tree. This helps people to be more conscious and eliminate negative thoughts, repetitive unhealthy feelings and toxic behaviours that prevent them from being truly happy in the present moment. 

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