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role models not runway models: 

Disrupting an industry

With Carrie Hammer

Carrie Hammer is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, creative consultant, and global speaker. Carrie has been credited with kickstarting the "Body Positive" movement in the fashion & advertising industries through the creation of her powerful campaign "Role Models Not Runway Models." Fox called it "The Runway Revolution" when she overcame huge obstacles and included powerful CEO's, executives, activists and philanthropists on the runway in lieu of traditional models. She paved the way and broke down barriers for those with physical disabilities including the first ever model on the runway in a wheelchair and the first ever model with Down Syndrome on her runways. 


Over 80 brands and advertising campaigns have emulated or been inspired by Carrie's campaign. The likes of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Victoria's Secret, Desigual, Nordstrom, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, and many more have all joined the revolution!

Carrie, her fashion line and her movement have been featured on the Today Show, CNBC, ABC World News, Nightline, Le Monde, Elle, Marie Claire, Fortune, Glamour, Refinery29, Cosmopolitan among others. 

Carrie was honoured by Forbes as 30 Under 30 and Entrepreneur Magazine said that she was one of 15 female entrepreneurs to watch.

Role Models Not Runway Models and Carrie have made fashion history. She now works with other brands and large institutions to help them market more powerfully to women and change the global definition of beauty. 

Come and hear Carrie's amazing story!

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