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You're doing it wrong

With Danielle Jorgensen

Most of us feel the same way about networking as we do public speaking - it ranks right up there with our fear of death! 


The thought of having to network to find a job or to meet new people fills us with absolute dread. If only there was an easier way. Well, there is.


In this interactive talk you'll learn what networking is and isn't and master four actionable practices that can be used by everyone. Networking does not have to be a chore, it can be an opportunity to meet interesting people and make real connections - who knows where that will lead? 


Come and join us for this interactive talk with drinks & nibbles! 


About Danielle Jorgensen:

Danielle helps people communicate in a way that connects them with others. She helps leaders and executives get better at (and feel better about) communicating for impact. In other words, she helps them pin down what they really want to say, and how they can best influence stakeholders. 


As a presenter, TEDx speaker and coach, Danielle thinks the challenge is to openly share real-life accounts. This is the same goal she has for all of her clients: she will turn your work, activity, research, leadership and thinking into a clear, compelling and memorable story. 

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