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With Em Roblin

We're super excited for International Women's Day! This year we want you to unleash your INNER POWER! We're hosting a special breakfast event to help you renew your energy, enthusiasm and commitment. And to build more meaningful connections with others and yourself. 

The inspiring Em Roblin will deliver an interactive talk designed to move you from SURVIVE to THRIVE. Followed by an empowering meditation from Nataliia Kolesnykova of LovENERGY Healing to use your power to empower others. Places are limited!

About Em Roblin: 

Em is the Founder of Circles2, a boutique diversity and inclusion consultancy and Inner Circles, which offers experiential courses, transformative learning and coaching services for women.

Em has worked with leading global organisations including BMW, Dell, Dolby, Novo Nordisk, Hogan Lovells, Calvin Klein, Logitech and Danone. She is regularly called upon to discuss women's development and inclusion by leading business organisations, academic institutions and government to share insights and experiences. 


About Nataliia Kolesnykova:

Nataliia is an energy healer, higher self and spiritual coach, inspirational speaker and a meditation instructor. Her aim is to help people to feel good and to achieve their highest potential. 

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