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having it all

is it really possible?

With Iva Buschmann

Chances are you've heard the term 'having it all' and how it relates to balancing your work life and your personal life - especially as a woman. But what does it really mean? Is it something you should strive for? And at what cost? 



About Iva Buschmann:

Iva's life experiences have shaped who she is. She grew up overseas and became a professional expatriate when she married and started regular relocations. 


Iva has founded businesses, worked for herself, and held senior positions within organisations. She has two children and often works across timezones. Iva is very familiar with the pressures of managing her work and personal life. 


Iva is now a certified coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation, specialized in Systemic & Brief Coaching with focus on solutions. She helps individuals who seek sustainable results within a  short period of time. Iva helps expatriates and individuals in professional transition. 

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