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What is the purpose of the Comfort Zone? How can we break out of it and learn to change, grow, and thrive?


Our environment defines the way we live and even circumscribes the way we think. After too long in the same environment it is not uncommon to find ourselves feeling stuck in our habits and safe in our routines. 


Gain insights about the physiological and psychological processes that lead us into rigid ways of thinking, the comfort zone, and how these can be overcome. 


BOSS LADY welcomes Eveline Goodman to talk about the neuroscience of change and how we can thrive when we leave the safety of our comfort zones. Eveline (PhD Psychology & Neuroscience) is an acclaimed speaker who has been successfully coaching international clients for over ten years. She incorporates the latest findings in neuroscience and neuroplasticity research to inspire you to find new pathways to success.

Breaking beyond the comfort zone

Breakfast with Eveline Goodman

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