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Past Events


christmas connector

BOSS LADY x British Chamber

This year's Christmas CONNECTOR in partnership with the British Chamber is a great way to meet new friends and make business connections over canapes and drinks! 

how she got there

Breakfast with Itee Soni & Heather Kaye


They've had quite an adventure building an eco swimwear business based in Shanghai. With their combined corporate apparel design & manufacturing experience and a uniquely close partnership - they're a force to be reckoned with!

to scale or not to scale?

Workshop with Michelle Li

Co-Founder / COO Ruiwen She Power

Founder Sorority China

Every Founder will have to face this decision at some point. As well as whether to seek investment or grow organically. 

How she got there

Breakfast with Helen Hibbott

CEO Impact Asia

Helen Hibbott knows what it's like to be at the top of her game and what it's like to hit rock bottom. Hear Helen's personal story including the wake up call that made her redefine her definition of success.

how she got there

Breakfast with Michelle Garnaut, AO

Founder / CEO the M Restaurant Group

Described by Time magazine as "an industry celebrity" Michelle Garnaut will share her insights from humble beginnings to celebrated restaurateur.

learning from the olympics

Breakfast with Chew Chan

Gruelling training sessions, glory and setbacks

why should we feel lucky to be female?

An evening with Eveline Goodman


perfect YOUR pitch

Breakfast with Wei Hopeman

What do investors look for? Find out what unique barriers female entrepreneurs face when pitching to investors and how to overcome these barriers.

Breaking beyond the comfort zone

Breakfast with Eveline Goodman

What is the purpose of the Comfort Zone? How can we break out of it and learn to change, grow, and thrive?

Get to the point

Breakfast with Mary Rezek

Be heard and get what you need through concise communication

women's power breakfast

Boss Lady and The European Chamber are hosting a Women’s Power Breakfast to celebrate International Women's Day. 

- Bettina Schoen

- Michele Aboro

- Yilan Yuen

jumpstart 2018 with a

kick-ass elevator pitch

Breakfast with Natalie Lowe

Having a great “elevator pitch” is a great way to make sure you get “prime time” with those who matter to your business or cause.

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