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Breakfast with Wei Hopeman

What do investors look for? Find out what unique barriers female entrepreneurs face when pitching to investors and how to overcome these barriers.

A major barrier faced by female entrepreneurs is securing funding from investors. Come to breakfast, hosted by BOSS LADY, and find out what female entrepreneurs need to know before pitching to investors. 


Wei Hopeman will talk about what investors look for, why female entrepreneurs receive less funding, and ways women can break down some of these barriers.


About Wei:

Wei Hopeman is Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Arbor Ventures, the largest FinTech focused venture fund in Asia. Wei was named in the top 38 FinTech Influencers in Asia, the 2016 FinTech Asia 100 and the AlwaysOn 2015 Power Players in FinTech. Wei brings 20+ years of experience in finance, entrepreneurship, and technology spanning Silicon Valley, Greater China & Southeast Asia. 

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